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Kazuya Akira
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I'm a rock music fanatic (especially of j-rock), an anime addict, a fantasy (genre) aficionado, and a comic book lover. I love watching plays, sometimes even more than I like movies. I'm told I'm a pretty good writer (though the stories in my notebooks and laptop are almost always unfinished), and an average public speaker. I can speak 2 languages fluently (English, Filipino) and I can speak Japanese pretty well for a self-taught amateur. I'm opinionated, and I never let myself get pushed around, but I'm mostly amiable. My temper is somewhat short, but I do have self-control - and I don't usually get angry over trivial things. But even so I am generally good-natured, and I'm a pretty loyal friend. My personality towards people I don't know differs largely towards people I'm cool with.

I hate posers like Avril Lavigne, singing strippers like Britney Spears, overrated anime like Naruto & Fushigi Yuugi. I also dislike overrated, over-hyped but mediocre and not really well-written books like the entire Twilight Saga & Harry Potter Books 5-7. Hate me if you must, but I do, and I've read these (I don't like insulting something I don't know firsthand about).

And even though I love Japanese music, I dislike over-manufactured J-pop "singers" like Hamasaki Ayumi, or "singers/musicians" that tend to sell their sex appeal more than their music (like gravure singers or the bandol SCANDAL). I'm not a fan of the Johnny's Entertainment boys either, but I don't dislike most of them.
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